The View from the Outhouse

21072771Being that it is the political season, I thought it would be interesting to combine two trends in politics, one old, and one new. So here goes. Polling and and “Telling it like it is.”

First the Polling Part. So quick now. Don’t think about it, just answer as your heart directs.

Does your shit stink? ___ Just Roses Here ___ Um, Well, Yes

The on-line tabulators are working… Our data scientists and statisticians are pondering… Lights flashing on the faces of computer banks…


And now for the “Telling it like it is” part.

Picture1That’s right. EVERYBODY’s SHIT STINKS! I’m not quite sure when presidential elections became just another episode of “Dancing with the Stars” but that’s not how it’s supposed to be done. You love America? Well then remember, please, that we are a representative democracy. That is the core of who we are, a messy, oft times stinky collection of opinions and views that are to be represented.

Perhaps it’s time to remember one of those common grade school chants (I think most of us share grade school diplomas). “When you point at me, three fingers are pointing back at you.” You don’t like Washington? Well take a look around your neighborhood. Drive around town. God, forbid, go to some part of town you’ve never gone to before. Get out on those big government interstates and drive around this great country. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

That. Is. What. Is. Represented. In Washington.

Perfect? No. Always comfortable? No. Representative of a population north of 300 million? Yes. Riven by contentions of power? Well, duh!

We voters, we’re not in high school anymore. We’re not voting for the prom king or queen, or most like to succeed. This isn’t about personalities. It’s about direction. It’s about trying to form a more perfect union.

So let’s forget, for a moment, about who we’re voting for and ask ourselves what we’re voting for.

I’ll go first.

Here are the things I don’t have to hold my nose to vote for, things I’m deeply attached to and proud that the United States of America aspires to even if it isn’t perfect in realizing them, things that in my old age have me standing and singing along with the national anthem at every opportunity.

1. I’m voting energetically for protecting social security.
2. I’m voting enthusiastically for a tax code where where everyone (corporations included) pays their fair share.
3. I’m voting solemnly for a United States that accepts its unique responsibilities in the wider world
4. I’m voting hopefully for a Supreme Court that helps us navigate the world that is coming as opposed to enshrining a world that no longer exists
5. I’m voting intently for a country that has something less than a 13 year old’s fascination with guns
6. I’m voting lovingly for accepting the common interests I share with people unlike me economically, ethnically and all the other ways in which we are diverse.
7. I’m voting earnestly for a government that encourages a free market without turning a blind eye to the abuses of power it can create.

I’m not in high school anymore. I’m not voting for some lesser evil. I’m not holding my nose to vote. And because this is a representative democracy, I am voting for Hillary Clinton to represent me.

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