July 17th, 2015

Welcome to the Wondering Pathfinder. I write to make sense of the worlds I encounter, trying to find a path forward. The Wondering Pathfinder is a record of some of those explorations. Pathfinder is pretty self-explanatory, but the “Wondering” part still surprises me sometimes so maybe a few words towards that are warranted. We humans seem to want there to be one path, one answer, one way. The longer I live though, the less tenable that perspective is. Things that were once true? Not so much anymore. And even more surprisingly, despite the relentless toppling of Gods, discovery of clay feet, and disappointed expectations that is our contemporary moment, some truths endure. There are paths to be found and shared, but they aren’t always where we expect them to be, so some wondering around is in order, lest we miss an available and appropriate path.  

In most cases, it seems to me the fragility of our truths is more often a reflection of our own limitations rather than an underlying lack of enduring reality. We simply lack the processing power (and sometimes the courage) to take it all in and make sense of it. So I write, trying to tell a story that hangs together, doesn’t edit out the most inconvenient bits of reality, and provides at least a little motivation and guidance for taking the next step whatever that may be. 

Of course, all my scribbling is informed and limited by my own history, my own reality which may or may not match anybody else’s. I’m a techy, a writer, a photographer. I hike and bike, have a day job (at least most of the time), live in the U.S. in a pretty nice neighborhood, have food on the table reliably and have the pleasurable company of a reasonable number of folks. I talk to God a lot and sometimes the Divine One seems to talk back if I can just figure out the media and the messages. Life is good…and mysterious, and funny, and troubling, and hard, and precious, and well, ubiquitous. Go Life!


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