Pray For Me. I’m Going Political

Punishment_sisyphConsider this fair warning my digital  peeps.  I’m going political.

I know that the interwebs may not be the most effective forum to attempt political persuasion.  Without a doubt it is more prone to rabid shouting than thoughtful debate. All true.

But we are at an unusual moment in United States history and because the United States is part of the broader human family, at a unique moment in time for humanity in general. The consequences of our choices in the next 100 days will be amplified and echo down through coming generations, and any action that might help in those decisions must be taken.

I do not relish stepping into this fray.  I know, as surely as I breathe, I will be frustrated, dismayed and angered by the experience and know I will probably engender those feelings for others as well.

But here’s the thing.  I’ve often said I could never live up to the legacy my mother and father left of having an impact on the world, never thought I’d have the kind of opportunities to do so.  I am coming to believe, however, that kind of opportunity is as much about courage as it is about chance. If I am to honor the legacy of my parents, if I am to carry it forward, and oh Lordy does this world need it carried forward, then I must find reason to act even if action seems likely ineffective or even hopeless.

For me, with my skills and capabilities, action can take many forms. In desperate times, I turn to the one one skill most finely tuned and extensively practiced, the turning of my thoughts and feelings into words and the sharing of those words with others in the hope that they may cast some light in darker corners, may influence, in some small way, the choices and decisions that form the fabric of our unfolding lives and our building of history.

So.  I am going political, climbing into that awful arena to honor my mother and father, suiting up in the service of future generations despite no direct blood tie to them, driven by duty and a belief in love everlasting and the immortal Word beyond human comprehension.

Please pray for me if you are so inclined, but any kind of flow of positive energy will be gratefully accepted. Most of this will play out on the Wondering Pathfinder blog but this note, this breadcrumb will be cast more widely.

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