Beyond Fear and Anger

In this angry and polarized moment of history, a first step on a better path is to seek to understand those who we feel are most unlike us. To take that first step, we must be willing to understand that the many evils we casually attribute to others, their anger, intransigence, stupidity, laziness, those are all manifestations of fear.

Fear is not rational. Fear is not a choice. Fear is visceral. Think of your own fears and you will know this is true. Such reflection will also tell you that fear is not cured by shame, or argument, or labeling, or further threat. Fear is cured by love, by a patient and kind truth, and by our persistence in them over time. It is the only way.

I can’t speak for anyone else but when I find the bile rising in my throat at some, to me, inexplicably stupid or evil act or statement, I am going to try to take that first step to a better path, to look for the fear behind the act for that fear is surely there. Fear is not an excuse for me or anyone else, but until it is acknowledged and addressed, change is very unlikely. So when I find it, I will try… try to figure out a way to apply love and patient kind truth to the ugly sores on my own soul and with those who I feel are most unlike me. Shanti.

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